Hello! I am Husna. A 28 y/o born and raised in UAE. One piece of my heart was left at the land of UAE when my family and I moved to Pakistan back in 2 January 2008. There’s so much connected to it.

Internet became my main friend 10 years ago and it’s been 6 years since I took blogging as my main interest. A lazy blanket takeover me whenever I tried to build a steadiness *poker face*.
This section will keep updating time to time unlike my previous WordPress blog (that’s totally I don’t ever want to use anymore). 

I married my love, my Husband on 3rd November 2019 and I convinced myself for a mindful living. My family is my strength, blessed with may Allah always keep my both parents healthy and two brothers and a beautiful little sister and then loving-more-than-caring In-laws.

I started my carrier at the age of 18 year 2010 and the struggle is R. E. A. L.
I have been employed to advertising agencies. I worked as Graphics Designer, Video Editor, Photographer, Accounts Manager and Social Media Head. Currently, I am working as a “Brand Manager” for 3 different cosmetics brands and Alhumdulillah, MashaAllah I love my job more than before.

I have a certain lust for life. I live for the simplicity and beauty of life and I keep elegance above all. My heart is always capturing little moments. I wish to see every corner of the world. I love birds and animals and wish to own a pair of macaw someday.

This blog is about anything and everything, and how I spiritually love every little happiness in my life.

Much Love,

Hey beautiful human! Thank you for reading my post, leave a comment 🌸

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