CHAPTER 29: A Year Wiser

Heylo beautiful readers!  I tried rewriting this blog post several times and I couldn’t write due to lack of words. I guess, I am writing this now because I realised the year is about to end and I should close it and also I have a feeling my drafts have piled up and my laziness is lingering under the cup of my coffee. 💤

Grab your coffee/chai because you may like to read what I write.

The age of 29 is a weird think to think about. I turned a year wiser 😉 on August 25th, It is the penultimate year to yours 20s and one that leaves you in a fit of confusion on how to feel about it.  You keep learning new things with every chapter in your life. From grooming to blooming there are plenty of plots which make us more interested in what the next season holds for us. 

Also my husband and I, we celebrated our one year marriage anniversary on 3rd November 2020. I’ll keep it for next time and share how it’s going ☺️

I named this blogpost Chapter 29 is because I want to share what I have learned and saved for my wiser self and how I am keeping on myself. Give it a complete read 😀

  1.  Parents Home Is a Blessing

    Never take your parents home for granted. Stay home and spend time with them as much as you can. There comes a time when you will actually miss how once you ruled from corner-to-corner.

  2. Things Do Workout

    Don’t worry if things aren’t working out because Allah has fixed a perfect time for everything. Just be good, down-to-earth and see the magic of goodness happening to you. It happens for sure!

  3. Don’t Be An Angry Bird All The Time

    That anger is gonna kill you and your vibe, once wise man taught me “let things go-with-the-flow”. Things aren’t going to work fast with all that anger instead you are going to drain your energy and  loose your personality. Learn to take things politely. Keep a hold on your head and instead of jumping into solutions work on your better self. 

  4. Early 20s Years Of Delusional Life

    So cocky! So self-assured! So wrong… about… everything. Everyday in those four years was like Yeah, I got this, I can do it yet you’d fail in everything. You go and tell your friends and what happens? “Screw the world, let’s do something to forget about it.” It felt like a boss, no? These things don’t work, you do. Stop, stop wasting your time on something that is going to take away your passion. Instead of losing yourself to unworthy things, stay calm work for the good, think better-welcome positivity. 

  5. The Second Is

    All that other stuff is bullshit. You feel old! You’re so uncool now! You’re behind on life! Where did the time go! You miss your youth! You think now you’re outdated when you use your favourite application on a smartphone and all of sudden you find a new feature which is now being taught you by your youngest sibling. A BG FAT LOL TO IT.

  6. You Can No longer Be a Child’s Prodigy

    You’re just on your way to be some person in their thirties doing things. You’re not a teenage novelist. You’re not an early 20s financial wunderkind who is now a millionaire. Life is bleak

  7. To Be Honest, Your Life Feels Kind Of Liberating

    It feels like your life is sort of in a throwaway time. You’re still young enough to be crazy, but old enough to know better, but you’re sort of grown so it doesn’t matter. It’s almost like you’re flying under the radar and you are free to do whatever the hell you want to do, which is true pretty much about any time in your life, but it’s especially prominent right now. Let’s enjoy it. Let’s maybe eat a late night heavy-snack, then wake up the next morning for brunch or to do the laundry. That’s about where we’re at right now and that’s great. We’re sophisticated and grown, but also not at all.

  8. But, But, But, You Are Wise

    So goddamn wise. You’ve lived through things. You’ve seen things. You have the life experience of 29 years of life. Nobody can take that from you!

Cheers 🥂 to this new chapter 🐣  I ‘d love the to read your thoughts about being younger/wiser in the comments below.

Much love, Huss.

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  • Wardah Farooqi

    Kudos to 29 years of your life and for sure, there is lot to come. Achieve more and win over it. Chapter 29 is definitely a golden time and the last one from 20s that one must live to the fullest. Cheers!

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